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A lot to learn

There is really so much to learn when it comes to option trading strategy, so you can really spend a lot of time on studying that subject. It is interesting that it is possible to be able to study something for so much time but still not be able to know it all. Yes it is good in a way because that makes it more interesting and you will not loos the energy of getting to know more. So in that way its good not be able to know it all so that you still feel that you have ...

Getting a chandelier

I haven't been into crystal chandeliers that much before actually. It's not that they don't look good or something, but I haven't just thought about getting one before. But I recently had the idea of getting one. My friend just got one and it really looks amazing in his home. So I'm actually thinking of getting me one myself. I have to talk with my wife first though. But I think that she'll like the idea of having a crystal chandelier in the house. Now I just have to find one that looks good.

time flies

It is amazing how time can fly. At the moment I thought I had plenty of time left the phone rang. It was my sister and although we already spoke to each other today she had a lot to talk about. I even did not noticed that I was on the phone for more than an hour and suddenly I saw the clock telling me that it was almost time to go to school. I had planned to make dinner and doing some chorus in the house but now I did nothing. No worries, I made dinner within a few ...